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Bharat boring works is a fully equipped company capable of reconditioning all types of marine and industrial machines. We provide a level of expertise that gives our customers the peace of mind that they’ve selected the right company which provide services like grinding, boring, drilling, metaillizing, machining and many more. We also undertake In-situ machining on board, offshore, industrial project site etc.

Crankshaft Grinding

Crankshaft grinding is one of our core activity. We undertake crankshaft grinding at our workshop and also onsite. Compressor crankshaft reconditioning can be done by metailzing process and restored to standard size.

Various Types Of Boring

We specialize in boring of engine cylinder bore, liner bore, propeller shaft housing bore, BT-Hub bore etc. We undertake reconditioning of various types of compressor cylinder bore by re-sleeving.

Industrial Pump Reconditioning

We undertake reconditioning of industrial pump component and restore it original working condition.

Printing Cylinder Reconditioning

Printing cylinders are prone to continuous wear and tear. It is reconditioned and restored to it's original dimension by metailzing process.

Our Services

We are specialist in reconditioning of all types of diesel generating sets, marine and locomotive engine components and all types of compressor components.

Quality Work

We are always working with keen interest as per the process requirement of the clients'

Maintaining project quality is our prime focus. We are consistent in our work technology as well as constantly improving it.

Equipment & Capabilities

Our company is an expert in machine repair. We have decades of experience in machine reconditioning. It’s not about cleaning and painting work, we make sure that a machine is operating at it’s full capability.

Mission & Vision

We aspire to be the leader in the field of reconditioning of engines and machine components through our efforts to exceed customer satisfaction.

Our Features & Quality Services

Grinding Professionals

We provide grinding machine services and reconditioning works. Our projects are executed by talented employees whose services are admired in the market. The services are compiled by knowledgeable professionals in adherence to the present industrial standards.

Experienced Technicians

We have experienced technicians to deal with complex machining operations to meet precision dimensional standards. We understand the concept and accordingly follow the instructions given as per OEM's recommendations to achieve the desired dimensions.

Quality Works

We are known to deliver the best work by our technicians in Marine and Industrial works, with implementing technics using equipment's and machinery effectively. We make sure that the equipment is being used and maintained according to quality assurance standards.

Modern Technology

Using modern technology for reconditioning work for setting up and operating all types of basic and advanced machine tools. We specialize in general operations done easily with the machines undertaking grinding, boring, turning, drilling, facing and many more.

In-situ Machining

We have the ability for handling different kind of In-situ machining jobs on board vessels, rigs, industrial project sites. We are well known for line boring, BT hub boring, propeller shaft, housing boring, foundation hole drilling, crankshaft grinding, cylinder liner honning, industrial flange facing and many more related works.

Customer Satisfaction

We have been serving our customer with quality works as per their requirement for the last six decades and we still continue to achieve the same standards consistently. Our customers are happy with us and we value there insightful feedback. We care and listen to our customers primary requirements.

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Expert in machine rebuilding concept and usage of the internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement of technology.

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